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House cleaning ladies per hour

When you get consumed with household tasks of infinite cleaning requirements every now and then, you might get all exhausted and tired! That is where you require help to tidy up your place. With our dusting services, you don’t have to worry about dusting and tidying up your place anymore!


We provide cleaning services and help you find an expert and reliable cleaning maids in Abu Dhabi. Our maids are very much professional; they always give a lot of focus on areas that are prone to dust accumulation. We help you clean those attics, rooftops, tiles, wooden surfaces by wiping them down and thereby prevent dust and dirt accumulation. You would get alarmed looking at the dirt that accumulates in your laundry rooms. We help you make them all sparkled and clean by getting them mopped and vacuumed regularly.


We provide services, according to your requirements. If you have a certainly preferred timing when you would like to have your house cleaned, we would do the same to you in the respected timings. At par with the hourly cleaning prices in Abu Dhabi, you can rest assured about the affordability and effectiveness of our services. We would tailor services that are customized plans and strategies that would help you meet your family’s hygienic requirements.


Our services range from cleaning your apartments, living room, laundry rooms, Electronics, to kitchen and washroom cleaning. You can always put down your request and demands with us, and check out the details of the maid, like the history of work, reviews and ratings. It is quite difficult to find part-time maids in Abu Dhabi, but our services help you ease up this search and save up a lot of your time.


Now why us?


1. We never compromise on the professional nature of our work - Our services are highly trusting and reliable. We run strong background checks on our maids, so you can rest assured about the trust factor.

2. We provide highly affordable and cost-effective services. Are you interested to hire a maid service where you get good quality services at affordable rates? Then this is the right space.

3. Our services are highly flexible. Is your work schedule demanding you to reschedule the timings for maids per hour in Abu Dhabi? We help you schedule services in par with your demands.

4. Exceptional customer service. You can check out with our previous customers regarding our ratings! And any issues, we have a 24/7 support system that would help you deal with the same!

Are you interested to know more about our services? Get in touch with us!